Conservatives Dumping on Loony Newt Gingrich

We like to take the piss out of a self-serving buffoons like Newt Gingrich – the ‘family values’ politician who has none – but it seems that conservatives prefer to take a piss on him!  
National Review Devoting Entire Issue To Bashing Newt Gingrich
Ooh. This promises to be fun:

From TPM:

It wasn’t enough for the National Review’s editors to just write a scathing anti-endorsement warning Republican voters that Newt Gingrich is a general election Hindenburg. No, they’re devoting an entire issue to tearing down the frontrunner.

The cover depicts Gingrich as Marvin The Martian, a shot at his longtime obsession with big-ticket space exploration projects, and features a cover story by Mark Steyn on his “Big Government Follies.”

If Newt wins the nomination, the DNC won’t have to do anything except point at the National Review and thank them for doing all the work.


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