Haredi Charity Heads Busted For Holocaust Fraud

2 0f 10 arrested Hazon Yeshaya employees 4-2012

The heads of Hazon Yeshaya, a charity that claimed to run many soup kitchens and other services for the poor – especially for elderly Holocaust survivors – allegedly stole millions of dollars of donations – including large donations from the Conference of Material Claims Against Germany (for Holocaust survivors) – by using the money to buy food, and then selling that food to haredi schools and other haredi institutions in a type of money laundering. Hazon Yeshaya was originally a part of (and is probably still a part of) Shuva Israel, the charity of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, the Sefardi ‘kabbalist’ who is embroiled in several financial and other scandals. The Canadian and British Friends of Hazon Yeshaya shut down during the past year after each separately detected widespread fraud in the Israeli operation, including grossly inflated numbers of the soup kitchens it claimed to run and for the people it claimed to serve. So far, 10 Hazon Yeshaya employees have been arrested.

2 0f 10 arrested Hazon Yeshaya employees 4-2012

Hazon Yeshaya Shuva Yisrael name change to Hazon Yeshaya watermarked and annotated Above: Official name change from Mosdot Hazon Yeshaya Shuva Yisrael to Mossdot Hazon Yeshaya.

Israel Scandal:

Times of Israel.

Jerusalem Post.


British Scandal:

The Jewish Chronicle.

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