Warmest Year Ever For United States

U.S. Sees Warmest Year Since Record-Keeping Began 117 Years Ago

U.S. Sees Warmest Year Since Record-Keeping Began 117 Years Ago

Things are heating up in the United States. Over the past 12 months, the average national temperature reached the highest ever recorded since the government began keeping track in 1895.

From May 2011 to April 2012, the nationally averaged temperature was 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit above what scientists called the “long-term average” for the entire 20th century.
Last month alone, warmer-than-average temperatures occurred in nine states located in the Central and Northeast regions. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that above-average temperatures also were recorded in the Southeast, Upper Midwest and much of the West.
So far in 2012 (not counting the month of May), the U.S. (minus Alaska and Hawaii) has experienced the warmest four-month period on record, with an average temperature of 45.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature was 5.4 degrees above the long-term average, according to the NOAA.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
To Learn More:
U.S. Temperatures for April Third Warmest on Record (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
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