Woman kills her children so they’ll “be safe in heaven”

Woman kills her children so they’ll “be safe in heaven”
“My kids are in a better place. They don’t have no worries no more.”
“they can go to heaven with God and be better off.”

Indiana Mom Says She Decided to Kill Kids After Amber Alert

She says — in her words — “My kids are in a better place  … They don’t have no worries no more”

Amber Pasztor

An Indiana woman accused of smothering her two children after abducting them says she decided to kill them after hearing that authorities had issued an Amber Alert.

Amber Pasztor told a local TV station in a jail interview Monday that she killed the children so they’d be safe in heaven.


Pasztor says 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor were in good hands in her father’s custody, but she didn’t think they were safe. She says — in her words — “My kids are in a better place. . They don’t have no worries no more.”

The 29-year-old Fort Wayne woman is charged with two counts of murder in the Sept. 26 deaths.

Pasztor also told WANE-TV she shot her neighbor and took his car. She hasn’t been charged with Frank Macomber’s death.


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