Christian Church Leaders Charged With ‘Horrific Crimes Against Children’

Christian Church Leaders Charged With ‘Horrific Crimes Against Children’

Horrific crimes against children: Leaders of a militant Christian church in New Mexico are under arrest for abusing and raping children.

According to reports, charges against leaders of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps include over 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor and multiple charges of child abuse.

KOAT reports:

The Cibola County Sheriff’s Office says deputies arrested Deborah Green, Peter Green, Joshua Green, and Stacey Miller of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps Sunday morning. According to the group’s website, Deborah and her husband James are the “Generals” and command their army to spread Christian ideals throughout the world. They’re based out of Fence Lake in western Cibola County.

Vice reports on the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps:

The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (ACMTC) of Fence Lake is an isolated, militaristic religious organization. In 1981, Deborah and James Green formed the group in Sacramento, California. Previously, they have been accused of familiar cult-like tactics of controlling member’s finances, limiting contact with the outside world, and isolating members without proper food, water, or hygiene. Since their inception, they’ve been listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

The Associated Press reports on the charges:

Sect co-leader Deborah Green was arrested on charges that included failure to report a birth, child abuse and sexual penetration of a minor.

Peter Green, also known as Mike Brandon, faces 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child on suspicion of raping a girl “at least four times a week” from the time she was 7, according to court documents.

Joshua Green, the son of sect founders Deborah and James Green, was charged with failure to report a birth.

Stacey Miller faces one count each of intentional abuse of a child age 12 to 18, bribery of a witness and not reporting a birth.

On their website, the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps claims the charges are “totally false.”

Earlier today Cibola County Magistrate Court Judge Larry Dia ordered that the group’s leader Peter Green be held on $5 million secured bond, and co-leader Deborah Green be held on a $500,000 secured bond, according to a report via ABC.

Christian Church Leaders Charged With ‘Horrific Crimes Against Children’ (Image via YouTube)
Christian Church Leaders Charged With ‘Horrific Crimes Against Children’ (Image via YouTube)

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  1. What’s new? These crimes WILL continue to happen till the mentally healthy aka atheist ( No Belief In Theo/Deus aka Imaginary friends at root of all religions schizophrenias, ergo sane) scientists, link religion, created in the brain, to one of the schizophrenias but combined with TL epilepsy, Mania, OCD, et al. A Neural array HIV virus that induces IFOFIBA ( Imaginary Friend Or Foe Irrational Belief Acceptance) at core of all religions schizophrenias, that spreads in Churches, Mosques, Synagogues et al.
    The evidence of this is, the telepathic communication with imaginary friends, that the clueless ignorant primates ( yes we are freak primates proven by evolutionary biology) call prayers.
    These Schizophrenia expressions are obvious in the saccade, with equally psychotic utterances, of these primates in Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, et al.

    The brain HIV of God belief, makes religion the most virulent of the schizophrenias, hides in plain sight. Religion Psychosis is a pink elephant that seat on scientists, that do not see or feel. They seem to ignore the fact they have a brain, and when the brain is sick, it can only produce a neurological disconnect where reality can not be grasped, is not seen, making them accept 2+2 to be equal to the number the virus infected brain says it is, but 4 which is the truth. it is IFOFIBA ( imaginary friend or foe irrational belief acceptance)

    Why when a Mohel perform circumcision, making guttural utterances, communicating telepathically with imaginary friends, cutting and sucking the blood of a baby, the blind clueless atheist scientists do not call it CHILD ABUSE. What’s wrong with them? why are they so blind?
    Don’t they see churches rape the brain of children, creating the deluded ignorant christ psychosis infected people running America today?
    Yes, children have BRAINS, they grow up, they become adults, and they could be in charge of your destiny. Do you want any of them, with a sick BRAIN, to be in charge? Forgot Columbus, Hitler, Musolinni, et al…they did have a BRAIN in case you don’t realize it…
    Trump proves me correct each day…

    I blame atheists scientists for the masochistic genocidal psychopathy occurring in America today, since they do not link God Belief, IFOFIBA, at root of all religions, to a very serious brain disorder, one of the schizophrenias. Shoe fits they must wear it.
    ,…f it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck insisting is a platypus is not going to make it so.
    Know your brain, it is the organ you create thoughts with, It creates the mind, make a note of it.
    Science facts talk, religious-Psychosis BS walks.

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