Christian Preacher Terrorizes Audience At ‘Avengers’ Screening

Christian Preacher Terrorizes Audience At ‘Avengers’ Screening

Via Michael Stone

A Christian preacher terrorized a movie audience by screaming about God and “a passage to heaven” during a screening of the new film “Avengers: Infinity War.”

According to multiple reports, Michael Webber, a 28-year-old preacher with Truth and Triumph Ministries, sent a movie audience into a panic after beginning to scream about God and heaven towards the end of the movie screening at the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 theater in Redlands, California, on Friday night.

CBS News reports:

Armed officers rushed to the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 theaters in Redlands, where people had just finished watching the latest installment of  the “Avengers” franchise, fearing there might a gunman inside. Witnesses said when the movie was over, a man stood up and started yelling in what sounded like a preacher’s sermon.

Susie Arias told CBS News:

I think when he said, ‘If you were to die tonight, would your passage to heaven be guaranteed?’ — something along those lines — I think that’s when people started panicking.

Arias said that the preacher’s screaming sent audience members into a panic, with many people yelling and running for their lives, believing that Webber was a terrorist.

Commenting on the scene, witness Adrian Arias said:

That’s when the kind of chaos happened in the little exit, where people were jumping over the railings, and kind of falling over, twisting their ankles and hitting their head.

The Daily News reports at least two people were seriously injured trying to escape the deranged preacher’s out of control rant about death and dying.

Raw Story notes:

One woman was taken to an area hospital after she jumped over a railing 20 feet down to escape the screening room—and was subsequently trampled by other attendees trying to flee the theater.
Webber, the deranged preacher responsible for the terror, has only been charged with a misdemeanor so far.

Trying to explain his deplorable behavior, Webber told CBS News that he had preached in movie theaters before without a problem. Webber said:

Last night was an anomaly. The lights did not turn up for quite a few minutes, and so I really couldn’t see anyone’s reaction except those of the people just right around me.

Webber continued: It’s extremely unfortunate that anyone sustained injuries because of this. Again, I was unarmed.

Webber says he “was unarmed,” as if that makes it all okay. But the fact is, it’s not okay. In fact, it was like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, only with Jesus.

Make no mistake, Webber terrorized that audience at the “Avengers: Infinity War” screening.  Thus, Webber is not only a “raving lunatic,” he is also a Christian terrorist.

Bottom line: A deplorable Christian preacher terrorized a packed movie theater in order to rant and rave about his imaginary friend. Sad!

Christian Preacher Michael Webber Terrorizes Audience At ‘Avengers’ Screening (Image via CBS News screen grab)


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  1. America is a Christ Psychosis infected nation, since the Christian psychopaths arrived in the Mayflower ca 1620 with their precious Geneva Bible creating a constitution to govern themselves ( Mayflower compact) that’s where the American Constitution comes from, based on Schizophrenic/biPolar/TL Epileptic/ Psychotic “values” of ancient book of mythologies they see as true.
    Zombie god belief is a Brain HIV. There is no difference between the deluded Psychotic Irrational metamagical beliefs at the core of religions, those in Schizophrenias & other brain disorders.
    Religion is a cancer of the brain, and this Brain HIV Virus spreads in Churches raping the brain of children.
    These children grow up to be the demented immoral, racists, IGNORANT, homophobe, psychopaths
    running America today. These demented ignoramuses are the legislators.

    Not unless religion is defined for the dangerous form of schizophrenia/BiPolar/Epilepsy neural disfunction it is, Churches converted into museums and these poor Christ Psychosis infected psychopaths committed to mental hospitals, America will continue to be the land of the ignorant, deluded, homophobic, racist, gullible, intellectually regressed, that enjoy the psychotic lies told by Church, by Noah’s Ark experience, creationism museums, and thus elect demented biPolar, self serving ignorant narcissistic psycho presidents like Trump and the psychotic GOP Congress that loves him.

    Let’s remember the empirical truth, that the brain is the creator of thought that when sick creates the deluded belief of a zombie god that saves with blood.

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