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27 Bizarre, Wacky Christian Book Titles That Will Make Your Eye Twitch

When it comes to publishing anything, your title (or headline) is everything. Maybe that’s what some of these authors were thinking — “let me grab readers with a really whack title!”. Or maybe they were just clueless. I don’t know.

I’ve not read any of these books. Some of them may be great books, really. But they get on this fabulous list simply because of their very bizarre titles. I didn’t just pick on Christian books, either. I threw in pretty much every crazy religious book title I could find and source. I did find, naturally, that Christians are a tad more creative in their titles.

I’ve sourced all of these to make sure they’re real books — Amazon where I could, and other places if Amazon didn’t have it.

1. Let’s start eating disorders early!


2. It’s almost like this book is an answer to the one above.

crazy christian books

3. I will never be unable to unsee this book cover… The Amazon reviews are unbelievable.


4. You MUST read the Amazon reviews on this one! Well, all of them, really.


5. See, told you I didn’t just pick on Christian spirituality books!

6. I’ve actually seen most of the inside of this book. It’s even crazier than  the cover would lead you to believe.

crazy christian books

7. That devil’s a handy fella to have around. I can pretty much blame him for everything.


8. Short answer: no.


9. This book isn’t actually as crazy as the title sounds. It’s about a young woman who was raised by a mentally ill mother.


10. This is a part of a series…..really.


11. This book is actually supposed to be funny. Unlike some of the others in this list.


12. This may be a great book. The cover image earns it a dual-credit on this list.


13. For your reference shelf, you know, just in case.


14. Bad title. Really bad title.


15. Do we really need books to teach witches how to hurt people?


16. I’m a quiet girl. Oops.


17. Just skipping over this one. The paranoia makes me paranoid.


18. Put this on the shelf in the kitchen with the other books you use every day.


19. Yo no comprendo.


20. You can read this for free on Google Books!


21. Well, what about it?


22. I know what you’re all gonna say here.


23. I can give you 21 reasons why I think these people who do this are fake.


24. There’s nothing actually wrong with this title. It earned its spot strictly for the cover image.


25. There’s sex in the afterlife? Yay! Maybe there’s hope for those of us who aren’t getting any here.


26. This is probably a very good book….very unfortunate title choice. Nah! GREAT TITLE! [edited by AOB] 😉


27. An alternate title could be “how to probably have an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy.”


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