Christian Terrorists Continue to Attack America

Christian Terrorists Continue to Attack America


Bobby Joe Rogers has been charged by police in Florida with firebombing a family planning clinic. If Rogers had been a Muslim who firebombed a synagogue, he’d be immediately branded a Muslim terrorist, leading to even more calls for profiling of Muslims in America.

Because Bobby Joe Rogers is a white Christian, though, no one in law enforcement will label his actions what they clearly are: violent Christian terrorism.

“Rogers admitted to intentionally setting fire to the clinic due to his strong disbelief in abortion,” the affidavit stated, and “he stated (he) was further fueled when he recently witnessed a young female entering the clinic while he was sitting amongst anti-abortion protesters.”

The two-story clinic had been attacked before.

It was bombed on Christmas Day in 1984, and in 1994 a doctor and a volunteer who escorted patients to and from the clinic were shot to death as they arrived. The gunman, Paul Hill, was executed in 2003. Pensacola was the site of other abortion-related violence in 1993 when Dr. David Gunn was shot and killed at another clinic by an abortion protester.

Source: The Washington Post

Terrorism is something that abortion providers have to contend with on a daily basis. It’s not “Islamofascists” who are responsible for that terrorism, though. It’s not strange, foreign, brown-skinned people who force abortion providers to work behind bullet-proof glass, wear bullet-proof vests, and hire bodyguards. No, it’s good, God-fearing, white Christians who are committing terrorism in America. And on a regular basis, too.

But of course the legal system in this country won’t treat them as terrorists and won’t even label their actions as terrorism. That’s how successful their terrorism has been: they have cowed the government into denying that the terrorism is even being committed in the first place.

At the same time, though, they have also cowed the government into treating similar acts from other groups as so “different” that they can’t be handled by the regular criminal justice system. American Christians are thus, in a sense, far more successful at their terrorism than Muslim militants in the Middle East have been.

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